Running photos

I have been lacking motivation to work on any significant photo projects lately. I have not typically been one to search out subject matter, but rather have just found something that peaks my interest. The photos of Mount Evans happened because we looked at it multiple times a day, every day. It was convenient, and I was prepared. Everything related to Detroit was due to my obsession with the state of the city. Architectural photography happened because I have an interest in architecture, and an architecture firm in metro Detroit called me out of the blue one day, and asked me to schedule a photo shoot of one of their projects. Product and lifestyle photography came about because my wife worked at a company that was having issues with their photography, and my wife said, “you could talk to my husband…”

Currently, I don’t have anything that calls to me, and I’ve been doing way more web development than photography for clients. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been making any photos. I have. It’s just that they’re mostly made with my phone, and it’s usually when I’m out riding my bike, or running. My Canon full-frame DSLR is way too big and heavy to carry around with me on every ride and run, but my phone is pretty much always with me. The phone is nothing special, and the photos aren’t great, but they work to document the things I see and find interesting, while out exercising, and having small, local adventures.

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