Major life changes

Every once in awhile, it feels like things need to change. After nearly 12 years in Denver, Colorado, we sold our house, moved into our van, and traveled the country for four months. I’ve been, retroactively, documenting the travels, which mainly covered the Mountain West, but also some of the West Coast, and the Midwest.

We didn’t have much of a plan, other than to go see other places. It was possible that we’d end up back in Denver, but in the back of our minds, we didn’t feel it was likely. Eventually we narrowed down the list of potential places for us to settle. The list included places, such as Hood River, OR, and Whitefish, MT.

We ended up in Whitefish, Montana. The reasons are numerous, but needless to say, it’s a big change after more than a decade in Denver. We’re happy with our choice, and adjusting to a smaller, slower environment. The economy is tiny, the food choices small, and the music scene is close to non-existent, but the outdoor recreational opportunities feel almost limitless.

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I am a student in year 11 studying photography and I am currently researching you and your work. After trawling through the internet I realised that I cannot find much, if any, information about your early life, inspirations and influences. This information is needed for me to obtain a good mark in my GCSE and I pray that you will be kind enough to help me.

Many thanks,
Sienna T-L

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