Mount Evans

When we first moved to Denver, in 2008, we didn’t have a great view of the mountains. There was a large building that blocked most of our view of the Front Range.

Denver, Colorado – August 17, 2009

After a little over one year, we moved into the building that was blocking our view. At this point, we had a view of the Front Range, and Mount Evans, from every window, and our balcony. It was an amazing scene to start and end the day. Watching storms move across the foothills, often obscuring Mount Evans, was wonderful. We loved every minute of it, and still miss it almost 9 years later. During that time, we had a child, and I found myself awake for sunrise more often than I would have otherwise experienced. Fairly quickly, I found myself on the balcony with my camera and tripod, photography Mount Evans on a regular basis. Unless I was taking the camera somewhere, it stayed on the tripod, ready to go.

Eventually, we moved to a duplex in a neighborhood. We no longer had any views of the mountains. Instead, we had to head to City Park, and up to the Museum of Nature and Science, to get a good view of Mount Evans. While the scene was also amazing, the effort required was greater, and the time necessary to get good shots also increased. Since I couldn’t see Mount Evans from our house, I had to make the trek over to the park, and hope for the best. Sometimes it was a bust, sometimes, I missed the window of opportunity, and occasionally I ended up with a great result.

I ended up with approximately 14,000 exposures, and over 600 images in the series. I’ll be adding all of the images on a Mount Evans project page.

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