New York City Snowstorm

With terabytes of images on hard drives, and bins full of negatives and transparencies, from decades of photography, it’s easy to forget about things, or have trouble finding images. Even though I try really hard to be organized, I seem to have trouble finding things all the time. I label hard drives, and everything is duplicated. I have the negatives and transparencies in order by date, stored in archival bins. For negatives, I generally have contact sheets that I’ve numbered on the back. The number refers to the box the negatives are in. Even with this “method”, it’s still a huge pain, and I frequently find myself giving up, and moving on to something else.

Such is the case with the images here. I made these images on black and white film almost twenty years ago. We were in New York for a product photo shoot, and I had a couple of hours on a morning in which the city received about 8 inches of heavy snow. I loaded up my old Canon camera with Ilford Delta 3200 black and white film, and headed out for rush hour. By the time I was done, the snow was almost completely melted, and rush hour was over. The resulting images captured a brief, picturesque moment, in New York.

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