Denver Snowstorm, at Night

When we lived in Metro Detroit I spent quite a bit of time wandering the city at night. Part of the time, I worked downtown, and would drive down in early morning, or stay in city late, so I could make images at night. And, part of the time, I was a full-time photographer, which gave me a reason to continue making photographs of the city at night.

Once we moved to Denver, we lived downtown so I made images at night, at first. Not too long after, we had a baby, and I hardly ever got out at night, unless it was for a late hockey game, or the rare night out with friends. It’s gotten better of course, but there’s been very little time spent aimlessly wandering. This set of images from 2009, before the baby, seems like one of the last times. I carted the Hasselblad around, on a tripod, on a really cold, snowy night until my fingers were so numb that I couldn’t use the camera.

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